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Free Desktop Downloads of Surreal and Funny Graphics

Here are some unique high resolution 3D rendered designs sprinkled with some pretty bizarre humor and surreal graphics. Click on the thumbnail to download the desktop free. For the time being, all images are only available in 1280 X 1024. If you like them, set them up as your desktop. If you really like them, visit our stores and buy some of the stuff they're printed on and tell all your friends.

Check out these new freaky desktops just for you!

Skull and Chaos Arrow
Freaky cyclops chaos eye design
wet pink sexy scream
"Chaos Skull Symbol" Merchandise
"Eyes Out!" Merchandise
"Hot Scream" Merchandise

Check out these unique surreal 3D graphics From Dream Chaos.

High Counsel 3D Design
Stone Wall Desktop Art
Sea Life underwater design
Wicker Cup Design
Star Map space chart map
"High Counsel" Merchandise
"Stone Wall" Merchandise
"Sea Life" Merchandise
"Wicker Cup" Merchandise
"Star Map" Merchandise
Cosmic Fans 3D Art
Lunar Grave Desktop Design
Birth of Reason Artwork
JellySkelly Cosmic Art
Mt. Ruby Purple Design
"Cosmic Fans" Merchandise
"Lunar Grave"
"Birth of Reason"
"Mt. Ruby"
Shroom Crown Art
Alien Birth Art
Assault - trippy desktop design
Eye of Chaos at Sea
"Velocity" Merchandise
"Shroom Crown" Merchandise
"Alien Birth"
"Eye of Chaos" Merchandise
Desolate 3D Rendered Design
Beacon Lantern
May Pole Design
Plazma Transport Desktop
Golden Spider Desktop
"Desolate" Merchandise
"Beacon Lantern"
"May Pole"
"Plasma Transport"
"Golden Spider" Merchandise
Congregation of Osiris
Under water 3d fantasy design
Star Map Cool Black Hole Design
Futuristic Arrival Design
Infected Mushroom crown design
"Sea Life II"
"Star Map" Merchandise
"Shroom Crown" Merchandise
"Shroom Crown" Merchandise

Download some free twisted designs from the Chaos By Design Emporium.

"Scan This" Desktop Design
Jobless Stamp Design
Not Here Sticker Graphic Download
Twisted UPC Barcode Design
Concept in Progress Advertising Design
"Scan This" Merchandise
"Jobless" Merchandise
"I'm Not Here" Merchandise
"Twisted" Merchandise
" Concept " Merchandise
Smell My Mousepad
Funny Beer Parody
Together Patriotic Design
Creative Department Design
"Smell My..." Merchandise
"Beer" Merchandise
"Patriotic" Merchandise
"Creative Dept." Merchandise

What's New @ Chaos: Our Very own Stock Photography!

We now have available to purchase professional photography from

Can Stock Photo

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All Images and Artwork are Copyrighted materials. You me freely download the images and use for your personal entertainment. However, you may not change or alter the images in any way, including clearing out the watermark. Use of these images for any other purposes than using them as your desktop is strictly prohibited without consent from Chaos By Design. ©2008