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Chaos by Design was started by a couple of creative types that mask the fact that they are unemployed by calling themselves freelancers. Don't get us wrong, we get gigs, it's just things are slow right now. So instead of spending all of our time at the bars, we decided to do some good for the world.... OK maybe that's a little too lofty.

We started this site just for kicks. Something to put all that pent-up creative energy into. Plus we're learning a ton. All this is self taught by trail and error. Please let us know what you think about the site. We would love to hear from you and get your suggestions. If you would like to contribute something, we're all ears.

If you dig the site, link us from your web site and send us the URL so we can check it out. We are in the process of brainstorming on how to build a community of creatives with "too much time on their hands" If you have any thoughts, let us know.

Business Opportunities: If you like any of the designs, and you would like to order bulk (for retail) or obtain a license for one of the designs contact us. We'd also be into doing custom designs and/or modify existing designs if it's a good opportunity. We can even set up a private link for you if you would like one of our designs with your logo on the back for example.

Custom designs: If you like one of our designs, but can't find the style you like, contact us and we can see about making you up one. If you love a design and would like it as a postcard, sticker, magnet, cap or calendar, we can do it. Also, we can do bulk ordering with discounts, but you need to contact us. Pins and magnets are available in quantities of 10 and 100, if you don't see them in the stores, you will need to contact us with a special request.

Contact information:

If there is a problem with the web site, contact

To leave general comments or suggestions, send to

To leave a detailed purchasing / marketing request contact

Leave us a comment in our guestbook!

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If you would like to open your own store, check out CafePress. It's a lot of fun and it's free!

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