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This page is dedicated to the cool people who buy our funny T-shirts and other Chaos stuff, wear it proudly and send us the photo.

You too can be idolized by thousands! Send us a funny photo with your Chaos By Design stuff and we'll post it on this page. We'll even post a link to your site and write nice things about it. As you can see, there's plenty of room. Read below for more details.

Sexy Chaos Chicks
Snag Loop Dog Band Member Chad Chad

Chad likes to shower with his clothes on. But he plays guitar naked. He must really like Snag Loop Dog.

Click here to see the shirt he's wearing. For more information about Snag Loop Dog check out www.snagloopdog.com. If you like Frank Zappa's musical humor, you'd like SLD. To purchase a Snag Loop Dog album, go to MP3.com and Amazon.

Send us your crazy photos wearing Chaos By Design Stuff and we'll Post it on this site. Send a photo, description (as much or little info as you'd like) and any links for us to check out to webdude@chaosbydesign.com. By sending us this information, you agree to give us permission to post it. We will not post any explicit photos or information. (Keep it PG-13 or lower)

The fine print: Chaos By Design reserves the right to post, un-post or deny posting as we see fit. Personal information you supply us can show up next to your photo. Only give us information you feel comfortable sharing. We will not reveal your E-mail address unless you request it. You will receive no refund or credit if your photo is not posted. Chaos By Design reserves the right to crop or alter the photo you submit.

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