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The Chaos By Design Home page. Your gateway to all the sick and twisted funny and offensive t-shirts, desktops and other crazy stuff.
Go Straight to our Funny and offensive t-shirt designs store
New Funny and Offensive T-shirt Designs - We are always designing twisted new T-shirts. Here are some of the latest funny and offensive T-shirt designs.
Free Desktop Downloads of Surreal and Funny Graphics. Here are some unique high resolution 3D rendered designs sprinkled with some pretty bizarre humor and surreal graphics. Click on the thumbnail to download the desktop free.
Stores at Chaos:
The main t-shirt shop. Funny & offensive t-shirts. Funny, crude, offensive, weird, sexy, patriotic, obnoxious - you name it. Anything goes.
Sick and twisted! A cynical look at the greatest profession in the world. Some funny ad parody t-shirts, some inside advertising humor. Ads Rule!
Original surreal 3D fantasy art renderings. Can you say eye candy? Download some of these cool designs free as desktop wallpapers.
A very strange and talented band - we design their t-shirts. Check out this funny Frank Zappa -ish band at
Other Activities:
This page is dedicated to the cool people who buy our funny T-shirts and other Chaos stuff, wear it proudly and send us the photo.
If you like our stuff, and we hope you do, please take the time to vote for us at the funny T-shirt polling places we are affiliated with. It really does help spread the word about us to more people. Pass our link to anyone you think would enjoy our funny and offensive designs too!
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