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Advertising, the most twisted business we know. We love it! That's why we rag it with funny T-shirts and parody humor.

Funky Art
There's a ton of creative concepts just waiting to hit cyberspace -- just too few hours in a day. Check back often. Don't forget to check out the other Chaos stores too! If you like this store, please take the time to vote for it! Click here to see all the Advertising Rules stuff.
Creative Department Ad Shirt
Freelancer Unemployed Creative Funny T-shirt Design
Advertising Slut and Whore Funny T-shirts
Show Me Something

Property of the Creative Department Ad T-shirt

Freelancer (unemployed creative) T-shirt Design

Ad Slut Funny T-shirt Design

"Show Me Something I've never Seen Before"

Property of the Creative Department. Open 25/8. Sometimes it's worse than the NAVY, but a lot more fun. A great T-shirt to protest your sweat shop.
Why is it that there is no such thing as an unemployed creative, just a freelance creative?
Every one's done it... Selling you creative soul just to make the stinking client happy. Now you can own the commemorative ad slut T-shirt.
A great mantra, it works for everything from movies to first dates.
Beer Parody T-shirts and cool Stuff
Concept in Progress Creative t-shirt design
Cunning Linguist Funny play on words tshirt
Enjoy Me - sexy parody T-shirt design

See T-shirts with this funny beer parody design

Concept In Progress Creative Team T-shirt Design

Cunning Linguist AKA the copywriter

See T-shirts with this funny soda parody design

Not to pull an Oprah, but beer is really good for dinner too. An alcoholic spoof - funny beef parody T-shirt
Think of this T-shirt design as a permanent do not disturb sign for creative art directors and copywriters.
A perfect gift for your favorite wordsmith. Someone who's as good with the pencil as they are with his (or her) tongue.
Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a graphic on a soda machine? Now you can simulate with this funky advertising parody tshirt design!
Very Bad Kerning - typographic design humor tshirt
Bad Hobo Font retro design
Intellectual Property Sarcastic Design
Advertising Rules Logo T-shirt Design

Why is kerning so important? Funny Typographic Humor

Hobo Typeface, the T-shirt

Intellectual Property My Ass! Sarcastic Slogan

Chaos By Design: Advertising Rules Logo Wear

Why is kerning so important? Now you can explain it to your non-designer friends when they ask you why you're cross-eyed.
Hobo, possibly the words typeface ever created, now immortalized with this funny T-shirt design.
Just because you have an idea doesn't mean it's a good one.
Here's where to go if you like the logo! Yea, we're ad sluts too! Will you be our Ad Slut?

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