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Surreal 3D designs printed on T-shirts and other cool stuff.

Dream Chaos Funky Art
Check out these unique surreal custom 3D renderings and cool T-shirt designs. All rendered in high resolution for incredible detail. Some took weeks to render -- our computers hate us. Click on the icon to see the custom T-shirt design and the other cool high-quality products they are available on. See all Dream Chaos products Check out our new stuff from Chaos Desktops-
Eye of Chaos tshirt
Mushroom Crown Custom T-shirt
Cool Black Hole Gothic Design

The Eye of Chaos - Hypnotic Looker Fantasy Design

Mushroom Crown - Surreal eye catching 3D design

Black Hole - Cosmic Graphic T-shirt Design

The Third Eye of Chaos sees all. Protect your assets with this popular glyph of warning T-shirt design.
Have you seen the king of shrooms? Well if you do, tell him he can find his funky crown at
A Gothic star map. This custom T-shirt design came from the negative space of a rendering. Hence the name. We made something out of nothing.
Surreal Futuristic Arrival 3D Design
Golden Spider
High Counsel Stuff

The Arrival - Futuristic Teleport Transit Hub T-shirt

See the cool T-shirts with the Golden Spider design

High Council - Logic of the Universe up for debate.

Year 3215. Astro Flight # 3.14 arrival from Pluto.
The Golden Spider of Chaos. Check out the cool T-shirts and stuff that this wicked design is printed on.
These are the wise beings across the universe come up with the corporate philosophy of the galaxy.
Sea Life surreal t-shirts and stuff
Chaos By Design Calendars and prints
Wicker Cup t-shirt Designs

Sea Life - 3D from the depths

Dream Chaos Calendars and Prints.

Wicker Cup - Wicked cool 3D T-shirt graphics.

Ever wonder that lives in the deepest darkest recesses of the world's oceans? We have.

It's a cool tshirt design too.

Check out these beautiful and surreal hi-rez renderings and gaze at them all year with the Dream Chaos Calendars.
The Eye of Chaos drinks from the wicker cup. This is an incredibly detailed 3D rendering offered on tshirts and other cool stuff.

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Funny T-shirts with advertising and design humor

Check in here for some funny ad parody and humor.

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Funny T-shirts with twisted and obnoxious humor

Check in here for some really funny, sexy, and raunchy T-shirt designs.

SnagLoopDog Store

Crazy merchandise from the funny band

Check out some of the nutty designs from the Kooky band SnagLoopDog.

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