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Welcome to the funny and strange world of Snag Loop Dog. This is the twisted official Snag Loop Dog T-shirts store. Feast your eyes, amaze your ears and walk on your face. If you buy one of every product, SnagLoopDog will play at your next party... not really, but they'd love to have you show up at one of their shows wearing an official T-shirt.

Official Snag Loop Dog Logo T-shirts
SLD Cool Band Logo Design
SLD Design II

Very Official Snag Loop Dog Logo Design

SnagLoopDog Constructing Groove Logo in action

Snag Loop Dog Spotted Monkey Sphincter Design

This is the extra-super totally very official SnagLoopDog logo. Don't be fooled by cheap and not so cool imitations.
Here is the extra-super totally very official SnagLoopDog logo as it appears on the back of their latest album Constructing Groove.
This mind-expanding graphic might be confused with a spotted monkey sphincter. But now you know.
SLD Trippy Poster Design
Hyper Bad Mumblefish t-shirts design
Dump Truck T-shirt Design

Very Official Snag Loop Dog Logo Design

SLD. MumbleFish T-shirt Design

Everybody Say Dump Truck T-shirts and other band stuff!

A very psychedelic poster design featuring one of the SnagLoopDog frontmen.
Here is the MumbleFish off of Snag Loop Dog's MumbleFish album. Sure has a big pretty mouth.
Everybody say DUMP TRUCK is a single off SnagLoopDog's latest album: Constructing Groove Check it out.
Snag Loop Dog Funny Cows 2.0 Album Cover
Snag Loop Dog X Consructing Groove Album Cover
Snag Loop Dog Bangalotruckstop T-shirt

Snag Loop Dog Cows 2.0 Album Cover Design

Snag Loop Dog X Constructing Groove Album Cover

Bangalotruckstop SLD. Album Cover Design

Here are some designs utilizing the graphics from the SLD. Cows 2.0 album artwork.
This is the cover design for Snag Loop Dog's newest album: Constructing Groove. Get your T-shirt TODAY!
Here are tshirts and mugs and stuff with the funny BANGALOTRUCKSTOP album cover printed on it.
Smarter than you design
SLD Pop Up Promotional Poster

Snag Loop Dog: Smarter Than You Funny T-shirts

Snag Loop Dog "Pop Up" Promotional Poster Design

Great design by SLD. band-mate How do you feel about stupid people?
Check out this art from a poster of the founding members of SnagLoopDog.

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